Wednesday, January 6, 2010

8 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Blog

Today, people use blog for business and personal reasons to get more traffic. They share opinions, expericence, even display they marketable goods. You can use free hosting from Blogger or Wordpress, or even buy domain and private hosting to make your blog professional. But how to get people interest and come again to your blog?

Easy way to update your Blog. How to generate articles for your Blog.

1. keep posting on reguler schedule; 1 post per day is enough to refresh your blog, especially if you don't have much time. make it regular so your reader will come again to get update from your blog.

2. came forward with latest news; open your eyes and find out what the current hottest and notable news, but don't forget to suit with your blog's theme.

3. minimize your word on posting; don't use too many sentences. readers will tired when try to figure out for just 1 article. keep it clean and simple.

4. remove useless wigdet; it will held up your blog's loading. use several widget that will useful to your blog. And why don't you put your cat's picture inside your blog? :)

5. make more friend to give their comments; invite new friends to participate and sharing their opinion on your blog. it will be fun! would you like to be my friend?

6. be sure to keep your style; keep your blog theme and your posting syle. so readers can make a trade mark to your blog and try to find new opinion from you.

7. always creative to find something new; break up your mind and pull out your ideas but only in one post. came up with fresh ideas in your next posting.

8. invite guest posts; let your friends share their fresh and original mind that fit to your blog's theme, because i want doing this right now.

I wrote that base on my personal experiences, i summarize all that things into 8 ways for my new blog. May be I will add and share to you if I found something more beneficial to update my other blog.


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