Thursday, February 11, 2010

Using PLR Content Wisely, 4 Easy Tips

Many people using PLR or Private Label Rights on their blog or website. Why? Because we can claim that content as our hand writing article and also sometimes I see those articles on free article directory submission! Is that true we can use those free articles for anything?

For some of webmasters, PLR is their God who help them for personal blog content. But on the other side thats's only copy cat and won't educate people to more creative. what else, that's the only way if blog owner can not write fresh article or blog only for MFA (made for adsense).

Usually PLR on sale by package online, contains 5 articles per package around $5 or maybe more. But don't expect to much those PLR exclusively made just for you. They also offering same package to others. Don't be surprise if you get articles with same content when you search on Google.

You can hire ghost writer if you want exclusive article, and for that one you have to pay a lot. PLR writers claim that they write article to be SEO friendly with great keywords for search engine purpose.

Free download PLR. Cheap PLR on sale. List of best seller PLR.

If PLR content is the only way to fulfill your blog needs, i have some tips to avoid double article and google won't penalized your site.

#1. Choose PLR vendor with paypal payment ready, it's more safe and you'll get your PLR faster, because they use direct download methode.

#2. Sumarize or edit your PLR before publish it, don't copy paste for all. You can find your PLR article 100% precisely same on google. Trust me.

#3. Do not submit your PLR content to free article submission, surely it will destroy your reputation. There are so many PLR content on free article submission.

#4.Use PLR only when you think those article is great for you reader. Not too often using it, explore your great ideas from your heart.


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