Saturday, May 15, 2010

8 Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog Visibility

If we build a new website or a new blog, we only focus on the big 3 Internet giant like Google, Yahoo and Bing. They are the biggest search engines for us to register the URL of your blog or website. There was no denying they are a major player in the Internet business, and what will the Internet world like without them.

But did you know that a lot of ways to increase the visibility of our blog so readers can find your blog easily? Here are some ways that we can be successful blogs.

Tips and tricks for great business and personal blogging.

1. Established connections on advertising forums.
You free to join this forum and place your blog link here. There are many advertising forums on the Internet with a variety of topics. If the online business money maker, you can place your affiliate product here. Forum ads examples are:

2. Use Free Classifieds service.
Despite its name for free, but there are some of the web requires us to pay for advertising. Many also are free. Select the appropriate category for your blog, because a free classified potential to bring traffics and visitors, both local and around the world.
Free sample Classifieds services are:

3. Submission to free web directories.
Many directories offer free blogs URL submission with link exchange or reciprocal link. But if you mind, please select the regular link. Time of approval depends on the owner of each directory. Several directories with fast enough processes are:

4. Take advantage of Social Networking Sites.
You can put a link to your blog on Facebook and Twitter. This will be easier way for visitors to find your blog, especially if your account on Facebook and Twitter are not in a private setting. It is also useful for backlinks to your blog.

5. Place a link on the online profile.
If you have a Google, Yahoo or Hotmail account, do not forget to use the profile facility. Place a picture and also a link to your blog in your profile. If you want more personal, do not use personal photographs. The most important is people can see a link to all your blogs. Log into each account and begin to create your profile.

6. Join the social media marketing site.
This is particularly useful to promote your blog content. Some of them can publish content update  automatically from our blogs without having to be done manually. You can also added new fellow bloggers.
Some examples include:

7. Participate in link exchange promotion.
This campaign is effective in terms of bringing traffic and for blog promotion. Besides all this for free, although it ill have additional facilities if we upgrade to a higher class with paid membership.
Some examples of link exchange campaign are:
Ad Land Pro
Free Advertising Blog
Blog Clicker

8. Join the largest weblog promotion.
Largest site that the main guidelines for the blog owner in the world is Blog Catalog and Technorati. Register your blog on this site. If you have been approved, then your blog will be posted on their site and wait for the arrival of more visitors.


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