Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cash Prize From Liberty Reserve Is Spam Email

Do you receive email from Liberty Reserve that inform you about won cash prize $500? Liberty Reserve as a largest payment processor and money transfer system online since 2002, actually never held a raffle with cash prizes or giving cash gifts to their members at random.

YOU WON $500!

Liberty Reserve gives members random cash prizes. Today, your account has been selected as the one of 12 top winners accounts who will get cash prizes from us. Please click the link below and follow instructions on our web site. Your money will be paid directly to your Liberty Reserve account.

Click here to get your prize:

The Liberty Reserve staff

That email looks like real and formal because it sent from but it contains a link to other site, as usual do not click that link! It will harm your computer, steal your important data like password or credit card personal file. This is old fashion style of spam email to fools people by giving them news about money.

Spam and scam email from fake Liberty Reserve about win a cash prize.

Official email from Liberty Reserve support team will explain this spam email notification below:

Thank you for contacting us.

Topics as: investments opportunities, random cash prizes, surveys, log in information to unblock account, top winners and all the messages you will receive are hackers inventions to get members funds, please consider changing your email and account passwords.
Please note that Liberty Reserve does not send out such e-mails. The only e-mails you may receive from Liberty Reserve would be your payment confirmations and sent message confirmations.

For further information you may contact our Live Chat Support, we will be glad to assist you.

This is a security tip for you.

Download the version of our LibertyGuard for Firefox version 3.5/3.6 Is easy, free, and the most important keep your account safe from phishing emails and fake sites.

As always, never click links from unknown email and contact support team from official website. This simple steps will avoid you from spam email.


Kawasaki Lovers said...

Thanks for info, today i get email same like this..
I never have account on Liberty Reserve, but i won $500. it impossible...

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