Monday, October 10, 2011

Google Page Rank Update This October?

Since October 6, suddenly all add on PR on toolbar especially for FireFox, showing blank PR for all websites, including Facebook and Google which have PR10. This situation makes webmasters and bloggers gasping and worried about losing their hard work to get high PR. Is Google really perform total update for all Page Rank?

Some rumors said, this is Google step for remembering Steve Jobs, who passed away this October. But this is surprising. Should Google put down all PR for entire websites around the globe for Steve Jobs? Although we respect Jobs as a legend who bring tomorrow's technology for today's life, this is not should be the only way.

Google PR update October 2011.

Other news report that this is the phenomenon Google PR update of the year, who makes all website owners shocked. All PR will get revision and back to normal PR as long as they have good backlinks and natural traffic. This moment will become unforgetable in the world of page rank race.

But one trusted information said that Google did not perform Page Rank update. Google have moved the tool bar query URL so this is not connecting with PR update. What you should do is upgrade or replace old addon toolbar with new one. This is applied for all browser like Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

So get the latest update SEOQuake or SEOstatus toolbar for your browser. Because if you check your PR with independent PR site checker, your PR still there and never move.


Pam said...

I guess moving the URL makes more sense than the PR failure being a Jobs tribute. Then again, who wouldn't panic when you realize you've lost page rank?

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Alexandra Miles said...

I'm glad it's just about the toolbar query. I hope Google will not put down the PR for all website, not now, not ever. seo reseller

Patricia said...

I wonder who started the rumor that this has something to do with Steve Jobs. Anyway, The Google Page Rank will always be a good basis on the overall performance of a site in terms of popularity, relevance, and quality.

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