Friday, March 29, 2013

Google Giving Away Cashouts? Ignore This Email!

Today I just received an email containing information that I am the winner of ATM Award from Google Chrome. Now I would like to share and explain to you why this email I put to spam and scam category. Just check below details before you believe it.

You need to be more careful about this type of emails. Google never give any cash prize or cashout with strange email address and to Yahoo address as reply. This is only one of scam work from thief as you can see the origin country they put into this email.

Spam email from Google Chrome.

Google 12th Anniversary Presentation Centre,
Africa branch office.
Lagos, 25530. Nigeria.

You have been approved to receive a ATM award of $500,000 from Google Chrome®

Your winnings can be access by issuing of an ATM card.

Award Reference code:GOOGLE568A009
File number:G245
ATM Code : ATM822

To collect Card ,contact Lloyds Bank Africa which has been mandated to give you cash outs with below details ASAP:
Customer Care
Telephone: +2348144581154
1  Your Full Names:
2  Your Tel/Mobile Number:
3  Your Nationality:
4  Current Country:
5  Your contact Address:
6  Occupation:
Google Inc is worth over 24 Billion US Dollars with over 20,000 workers worldwide making it the best and most successful online search engine in the world.

NOTE: You are advised to keep your award winning details strictly to yourself and do not share it with any individual or a
firm to avoid confiscation of your award winning prize.


Aberto Rosado

Google Management.
Africa, Branch,
Nigeria, Africa

Google officially did not arrange this kind of lottery. This email came from Aberto Rosado Aranda ( and need to reply to Please ignore this kind of email. They try to steal your data and call you to transfer some money.


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